Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Quick Note from the Trenches....

Sorry to all of you regular readers. I know that I have been remiss in posting lately. Seems that this month, and the end of last, have been the "critter problem" months.

I have a kitty who has decided that a number of places in the house, including my work room and my tennis shoes are her litter box. I have just been able to get into this room today for the first time in close to a week for more than a few minutes due to the overwhelming smell. We have cut up the carpet and used everything we can think of under the sun, yet the smell is still too strong to be in here if the wondows are closed. If any of you have a good fix, please let me know. It has kept me from working due to the fact that it actually burns my eyes in addition to being really unpleasant in general.

Then one of our horses developed a serious case of rain scald due to all of the dampness we have had recently. He's the hard keeper anyway, so I had to spend a couple of days dealing with that. It's a relatively minor skin infection...usually, that resolves on its own. Unfortunately, Cherokee's case is worse that most and he is now on antibiotics for the next 7 days and needs iodine baths that take sedation so as not to get kicked or bitten while bathing him. The scabs come off and are painful since you have to scrub them down with iodien shampoo.

He's being kept under cover for the next few days, or until the wet weather clears up, and should be fine in a week or so. He is also being given a mild painkiller to help him with any pain he might have from the infection.

These things, along with the basics of life like getting groceries, cooking, cleaning, doing volunteer work, taking care of my family including my mom who is two states away and not feeling well has left me rather drained lately so please forgive me for not being better at getting posts up and not keeping in as close of touch as I'd like. Being in the middle between an 84 year old mother and a 13 year old daughter is enough on its own to wear me out somedays! I am sure many of you can relate.

I am hanging in there though and will be getting orders out the door as soon as my work space is usable again. It's always something! LOL!

Peace & Joy,