Friday, August 09, 2013

Life has Been Interesting...

Hello to anyone who is still following this blog and looking for an update! I am about to start up my spindle business once again after a very long hiatus. Back when I quit painting, I was caring for my mom who had terminal cancer at the time and I still had a teenage daughter at home.

Well, my mom passed peacefully and my teenage daughter is turning twenty this month, is married and is in the Navy. It's time to get back to work! So expect to see some new spindles in the next month along with an Etsy shop and eBay auctions!

I'm excited to be back and looking forward to creating spindles once again.

Love to All!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Interesting Revelation..

An odd thing occured to me last night. I seem to be able to work at night now and not during the day. Around 10:00 p.m. or so, I feel compelled to go out to my work space an paint. So I guess late night painting is now my way of getting things done! Luckily, I purchased a full spectrum task lamp a number of weeks ago and it's perfect for the work, even late into the night.

Anyway, spindles and needles are in process and should be starting to ship next week again.

I have no photos for you yet since I am still getting used to the switch from PC to Mac and have no idea how to use the software yet. I have to get my daughter to teach me how to get photos uploaded from my camera this weekend. I'm Sure I will end up really loving the Mac, but I have been a PC user for close to 30 years now....yes way back since the early 80's, and it's a hard transisiton.

Best to All!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Hi All,

I know, I am way behind and haven't posted since September. Once I start getting e-mails and folks are worried about me, then I figure I have to get out here and say something.

Some say that April is the cruelset month, but for me it seems to be September. Two years running now I have suffered some sort of incapacitaing illness or accident in the fall. Last year it was a double shot with the fibromyalgia and the broken pelvis. This year it's been a bad case of depression, which I now seem to be over. I am still putting my life back together and trying to get myself back into the swing of a regular work schedule again.

The fall brought with it many things besides the extreme depression. There was the feeling of being caught between two extremes of my teen daughter and my aged mother who lives 3 states away. At the same time, dealing with my own perimenopausal symptoms has been a tremendous headache....sometimes literally.

We have been through a real estate transaction that was a bit nerve wracking until the closing on the 19th of October, a kid who we found was behind by anywhere from 3-6 weeks in her classes and is working on catching up, a sick horse who is recovering, a sick child who is also recovering, the preparation for and going to a weekend horse show when it was freezing cold and had rained the entire day before, making major lifestyle changes to support my husband's attempt to lose weight which include joining Weight Watchers and attending meetings. All of these things coupled with added time spent shopping and preparing meals along with co-exercise to help encourage him have taken up a lot of my time; but the time has been necessary since he has about 90 lbs. to lose and we're not getting any younger!

We have traveled down to my mom's numerous weekends and had to deal with her attorney, financial advisor and help her through a reverse mortgage. And the list goes on...I won't bore you anymore with it!

Anyway, I am way behind on my orders due to life impinging on my time. I am trying to get back on track, but as you can all imagine, this is easier said than done. It seems I have a mountain in front of me and I feel terribly guilty about being so late in getting orders out.

I just wanted you all to know that I haven't just been blowing the work off or that any of you are getting dropped behind other orders. You are all suffering the same fate I am afraid due to the chaos that entered my life around the end of August and which is getting better, but tends to go on and on. I am sure many of you can relate!

I am dedicated to getting your orders done and out the door. I am not quitting or giving up. I just needed to let all of you know why you haven't heard form me and why I am behind. Thank you all for your patience and your support.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Quick Note from the Trenches....

Sorry to all of you regular readers. I know that I have been remiss in posting lately. Seems that this month, and the end of last, have been the "critter problem" months.

I have a kitty who has decided that a number of places in the house, including my work room and my tennis shoes are her litter box. I have just been able to get into this room today for the first time in close to a week for more than a few minutes due to the overwhelming smell. We have cut up the carpet and used everything we can think of under the sun, yet the smell is still too strong to be in here if the wondows are closed. If any of you have a good fix, please let me know. It has kept me from working due to the fact that it actually burns my eyes in addition to being really unpleasant in general.

Then one of our horses developed a serious case of rain scald due to all of the dampness we have had recently. He's the hard keeper anyway, so I had to spend a couple of days dealing with that. It's a relatively minor skin infection...usually, that resolves on its own. Unfortunately, Cherokee's case is worse that most and he is now on antibiotics for the next 7 days and needs iodine baths that take sedation so as not to get kicked or bitten while bathing him. The scabs come off and are painful since you have to scrub them down with iodien shampoo.

He's being kept under cover for the next few days, or until the wet weather clears up, and should be fine in a week or so. He is also being given a mild painkiller to help him with any pain he might have from the infection.

These things, along with the basics of life like getting groceries, cooking, cleaning, doing volunteer work, taking care of my family including my mom who is two states away and not feeling well has left me rather drained lately so please forgive me for not being better at getting posts up and not keeping in as close of touch as I'd like. Being in the middle between an 84 year old mother and a 13 year old daughter is enough on its own to wear me out somedays! I am sure many of you can relate.

I am hanging in there though and will be getting orders out the door as soon as my work space is usable again. It's always something! LOL!

Peace & Joy,

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tribute to "Miss George"

Miss George

I get a lot of requests to paint pets on spindles, but this oen was particularly touching since Miss George passed away about a year ago. She was the very much beloved cat of Sharon and I felt that it was really necessary to get all of her markings and her personality portrayed very accurately on the spindle for Sharon. The result is above with the reference photo. A fitting tribute to a very loved family member and friend. Now she will be with Sharon all of the time as she spins.

Peace & Joy,

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two New Pieces of Eye Candy...

Two new, fun spindle whorls for you to take a look at today! The one on top is for Faerie Lady Fibers and the other is "Ashley's Dragon".

Only news other than that is that my youngest daughter will be turning 13 this weekend. Please, wish me luck! She's having a birthday party with roller skating and a sleep over. LOL! It should be a lot of fun, but many of you know all about teen girls! Hopefully, it will be nice enough out for them to sleep in the tent like they did last year.

Here is an updated list so you can see if you are in the top five!

Mary - Fiber Critters
Sharon - Miss George the Cat
Anne - Roxy the Cat
Sally - Raven at Midnight
Laurie - Woman with Dragon

If you are in this list, you can expect to get a picture of your spindle whorl(s) soon.

Peace & Joy To All!


Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank You for All of Your Input!

I want to thank each and every one of you who wrote to me or posted a comment. The overwhelming majority of you thought that $10.00 per hour was very reasonable, if not cheap, for the artwork I do on the spindles. I even had a few of you write that I have been underpricing my spindles and there were a few who thought that they were about right as they are priced now. I have had no comments saying that they were overpriced at thier current prices.

From now on, I will quote spindles in this manner: Artwork is $10.00 per hour, with a $25.00 minimum charge for retail spindles, and I will give you an estimate of time for your design. The estimate will be an "upper end" estimate and if it takes less time, you will get the spindle for less. That way I will not under price myself nor will any of you have to worry about a bill for a spindle that is a lot higher than you expected.

One thing that I do want to say is that if you ever do not like a spindle I paint for you or feel the price is too high you are NOT obligated in any way to purchase that spindle. That is why I never take payment upfront for a spindle or knitting needles.

In the near future I will put together a page that has various spindles I have done and what the current price estimate would be for each spindle. Hopefully, this will help you get some idea of where your design might fall in the pricing.

The other option that you always have is to ask if the design can be altered to make the price lower. By taking out some of the details or say doing just a unicorn head rather than the whole unicorn the price can be reduced.

The main thing is that if you find that a spindle quote is not in your price range, talk with me and try to work out an option for how we can make something similar that IS in your price range. You may have to settle for less detail and it may not be nearly the work of art it might have been, but I guarantee that it will be beautiful and that you will love it and spin with it for a long time to come. There are always ways to make things work!

For those of you who have spindle orders in with me, I am playing "catch up" this week and next. Right now my list, up to order #5, is as follows:

1) Ashley - Dragon
2) Kae - Fairy Lady
3) Mary - Assortment of Fiber Animals
4) Sharon - George the Cat
5) Anne C. - Roxy the Cat

I will try to keep an updated list on my site so you can see if your spindle is near the top of my queue. Also not, some of you that order simpler spindles may get yours sooner because I do these in between some of the more complex spindles. They are easier on my eyes and don't take as much time an concentration so they are like taking a break while still working.

I knwo the summer has a thrown a wrench in to my queue and that I am further behind than I liek to be. I hope to rememdy that very quickly and not let it happen again. I will be happy to see fall come as I will a lot more time to work and things will get done much faster. Thank you all for your patience through this crazy summer!

Peace & Joy,