Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Hi All,

I know, I am way behind and haven't posted since September. Once I start getting e-mails and folks are worried about me, then I figure I have to get out here and say something.

Some say that April is the cruelset month, but for me it seems to be September. Two years running now I have suffered some sort of incapacitaing illness or accident in the fall. Last year it was a double shot with the fibromyalgia and the broken pelvis. This year it's been a bad case of depression, which I now seem to be over. I am still putting my life back together and trying to get myself back into the swing of a regular work schedule again.

The fall brought with it many things besides the extreme depression. There was the feeling of being caught between two extremes of my teen daughter and my aged mother who lives 3 states away. At the same time, dealing with my own perimenopausal symptoms has been a tremendous headache....sometimes literally.

We have been through a real estate transaction that was a bit nerve wracking until the closing on the 19th of October, a kid who we found was behind by anywhere from 3-6 weeks in her classes and is working on catching up, a sick horse who is recovering, a sick child who is also recovering, the preparation for and going to a weekend horse show when it was freezing cold and had rained the entire day before, making major lifestyle changes to support my husband's attempt to lose weight which include joining Weight Watchers and attending meetings. All of these things coupled with added time spent shopping and preparing meals along with co-exercise to help encourage him have taken up a lot of my time; but the time has been necessary since he has about 90 lbs. to lose and we're not getting any younger!

We have traveled down to my mom's numerous weekends and had to deal with her attorney, financial advisor and help her through a reverse mortgage. And the list goes on...I won't bore you anymore with it!

Anyway, I am way behind on my orders due to life impinging on my time. I am trying to get back on track, but as you can all imagine, this is easier said than done. It seems I have a mountain in front of me and I feel terribly guilty about being so late in getting orders out.

I just wanted you all to know that I haven't just been blowing the work off or that any of you are getting dropped behind other orders. You are all suffering the same fate I am afraid due to the chaos that entered my life around the end of August and which is getting better, but tends to go on and on. I am sure many of you can relate!

I am dedicated to getting your orders done and out the door. I am not quitting or giving up. I just needed to let all of you know why you haven't heard form me and why I am behind. Thank you all for your patience and your support.



  1. Jen - I'm glad to hear you are getting things back in order in your life. We all get derailed at times and not always by our chosing. It's just life. I know your husband will benefit from Weight Watchers. I joined in May of this year and have lost 57 pounds to date with at least another 50 to go. The program works and it is a lifestyle change. But believe me, couple that with exercise, and it will work and everyone will be happier and healthier for taking that first step to join WW. Wishing you well.

  2. You have been tagged. It is kind of a fun one.