Monday, June 26, 2006

Wholesale Accounts

Are you a retail shop or do you sell at fiber events and craft fairs? If so, and you would like to carry Crowhill House spindles and/or knitting needles check this out! Packaging! I've finally got around to designing something that I really like for displaying knitting needles and to tag spindles for resale.

Knitting needles come carded for display or hanging and can be ordered in quantities as low as one dozen per order. Drop spindles come with a hang tag and are pre-loaded with fiber. Weight and the name of the drop spindle along with the design name are included on the tag.

I'm happy to sell at wholesale prices to retailers who are going to sell in a physical shop or at various events since I do not merchant outside of on-line sales. I will not sell for on-line resale however since that is my major outlet.

If you're interested in carrying any of my lines of needles and spindles, please contact me for a quote.

Peace & Joy,

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Post with Many Names....

"Birth of Venus"
Custom Spindle
(Click on Image for Larger View)

I couldn't decide on what to name this post. A lot of ideas came to mind like, "Can't Turn Down a Challenge", "My Customers Love to Taunt Me", "Hey, Look How Dumb I am!"...etc. All tongue in cheek of course!

I am referring to the spindle pictured above. When I received a request for Botecilli's "Birth of Venus" I thought, "I can do that!". Well, I could, but wow, what a challenge! I am an artist, but Boticelli I'm NOT! I do think it's a pretty fair rendition considering the palette was only about 3" across.

I will admit that I started this spindle and then worked on it a little at a time over a few weeks until today when I decided I simply had to get it done. About 3 hours later, here it is. Now the dogs need a walk, groceries need to be acquired adn I need to do something to clear my head and change my perspective a bit.

It's amazing to me still how absorbed I can get in a spindle like this one and not realize what time it is, what's going on around me or even that I haven't eaten lunch and it's going on 2:00 p.m.

Peace & Joy,