Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How To Buy A Custom Spindle

(Click on Image for More Detail)

I get number of messages each day asking how to order a spindle so I decided to post a bit of information on the details. First of all, pretty much any image can be painted on a drop spindle. You can send your photos or find an image online that would be similar to something you'd like. I have to respect copyright laws, so any image that is copyrighted will be modified to do so.

I would then put your order in my queue. I do spindles in the order in which I receive requests unless there is a pressing deadline such as a birthday or holiday. Then I try to fit that spindle in to make that deadline. Basically, I work extra one day so that it can get done in time for you to gift it to your special person.

My spindles start at $25.00 for a custom order with an additional $2.00 for shipping within the continental US. I am happy to ship overseas and can quote a price for shipping for these orders. Anytime you order more than one spindle at a time, additional shipping for each spindle is only .25 per spindle. So it saves you a bit to order all of the spindles you'd like at once.

Once your spindle is complete, I will send you a pictue of it for your approval. Only then do I have you pay for the spindle via PayPal or check or money order. If you do not like the spindle, you are not required to purchase it. I have never had this happen, but I like to keep that guarantee in place so you can rest assured that you will get what you want.

That's it. Pretty simple!

One last note. The spindle pictured above is called, "Angel" and is up for auction for the next 6 days on eBay. I do post spindles there from time to time, so that is another way you can purchase a spindle if you do not want to order one.

As for me, I'm doing okay. I'm getting back on my feet gradually since my accident and I'm working each day when I'm not on vacation for the holidays.

A happy holiday to each and every one of you!

Peace & Joy,


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spindlicity Prize Spindle...

"Moonlit Birch Grove"
(click on phot0 for larger view)

The spindle that is posted above will be a prize for a drawing that will be held for the kick off of a new website called "Spindlicity" at www.spindlicity.com . Please visit this site which is set to go live the first of December and register to win this and other prizes.

I'm really excited about this site that Janel is putting together. I think she's going to do a great job connecting spinners with each other along with having interesting articles and listing vendors. Of course, I'm always interested in new and fun spinning websites as I'm sure all of you are also!

Peace & Joy to All,


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Landscapes and More Holiday Spindles...

When a customer asked me to paint landscapes for her, I was a bit skeptical. I wondered how they would translate to such a small palette as a spindle. But, as you can see above, they translated pretty well. I was very please with these two spindles and hope to do more landscapes in the future.

I have also been having fun with a whole bunch of holiday spindles. Two of them are shown below in addition to three others that were featured in a previous post.

(Note: You can click on the photos to see more detail.)

As for me personally, I am chafing at the bit these days as recovery is slow. I have to keep all weight off my left leg for another two weeks and then I can walk a bit in the house on a limited basis but still have to use the crutches when I go out. All told, it will take 4-6 months before I'll be able to walk normally again. I count my blessings though as this could have been much worse!

Luckily, I am back to painting. My shipping is a little slower than normal as I have to wait for someone else to get the envelopes to the post office and that usually means waiting until a Saturday since our post office closes at 4:30 p.m. and no one is off work by then. So please bear with me on any delayed shipping. I'm trying to work that one out. I should be able to start getting out a little easier and doing shipping once again soon.

Peace & Joy to All,


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not a Good Fall....

Hello to all of my friends out there.

I'm afraid I have suffered another fall "disaster" of sorts. While out riding my horse yesterday, one of the stable hands rustled through some bushes. My horse spooked and I managed to stay on and was recovering from that spook when the man actually stepped out and spooked my horse again. I was unable to recover the second time since I was already off balance.

I was thrown from my horse and landed with all of my weight on my lower back/pelvis (sacrum). Luckily, my daughter was with me and had a cell phone. We called up to the barn and a trainer came out in her truck to the place where we were in the field. She called 911 and we had an ambulance there in about 10 minutes. Good thing we were not out in the woods!

Anyway, after being strapped to a backboard and transported to the University of Wisconsin ER, going through numerous x-rays and waiting around I found that I have a fractured sacrum (back section of my pelvis). I was truly lucky that I have good bone density or I may well have had a shattered pelvis considering how hard the gound was and how I hit. So even though I am in constant pain, I am counting my blessings. I was also wearing a riding helmet, so my head was safe from injury! YAY!!

Needless to say, this is going to slow me down. I am looking at 2-3 weeks of being very immobile and in a lot of pain that really cannot be treated with anything other than ice and painkillers. I'll be spending a lot of time laying down, but I do hope to work something out where I can do at least one spindle per day starting early next week.

Full recovery will take about 2 months and will probably involve some rehab. I will not be riding again until after the first of the year.

The ironic thing is that right after the ambulance was called out to our stable for me, they received another call out there for a woman who fell off her horse while jumping. She landed flat on her back in the arena sand. Her helmet split open in the back (Thank God she had a helmet on!) and she likely had at least a concussion judging from what I have heard. She also ended up in the same ER I am told! They must think riding is horribly dangerous from what they saw yesterday!

Since I have been at this stable, I have not known of anyone being taken to the hospital or of any ambulance calls being made. Then we have two in one day! It simply must have been a bad day for riding.

Anyway, I ask all ofyou to be patient...once again. Seems this fall has been fraught with occurences that are laying me up. I will keep in contact and try to fill your orders as soon as I can. I do have some finished, but I have to have help getting them out the door and shipped. That's my goal for this weekend.

Thank you all for your support! This will be, as the ER doc put it, "A long, painful road", but I know I will heal in time and be back on my feet.

Peace & Joy to All,


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Fez" the Llama...

"Fez" belongs to a customer who wanted him immortalized on a spindle. She requested that he be posted on the website. So here's to Fez!

I am working on my Llamas and Alpacas. I really am much better at flowers and plants and landscapes and such. Animals are always a challenge for me. So Fez came out pretty good. He looks a lot like his picture, but I feel like I still have room for improvement.

For some reason, I am feeling exhausted today but I spent part of the day painting spindles anyway. So anyone who has orders in I am working on them! I can assure you that you will get them by the time you needed or wanted them.

As always, I am am happy to take orders at any time.

Peace & Joy,