Monday, October 24, 2005

Holiday Spindle Peek....

I just wanted to give everyone a peek at the holiday spindles I have been working on over the past few days. The spindles shown are all sold already, but you can always send me your ideas or have a spindle that is similar to one of the ones pictured made if you like. (Click on the photo for a close up.)

Hope all of you are well an happy and keeping warm on this Monday afternoon. Back to the paintbrush!

Peace & Joy,


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Busy, Busy....and Interesting News

Greetings to all on this glorious fall day! This little guy you see above was inspired by the birds in my woods out behind where my painting table sits. He's an Evening Grossbeak and he's up for auction on eBay at the moment.

Life is busy here. I have lots of orders keeping me busy and there is always my human family and our horses, cats and dog. All of them need attention on a regular basis so my time is at a premium but it's a good life and I am enjoying it!

A few little tidbits of information. First, there is a new on-line magazine that is going to be launched on the 1st of December called "Spindlicity" at I am told by the founder of the site that there will be prize drawings and all sorts of wonderful things for the launch! I will be donating a spindle as a prize for the site's grand opening, so bookmark the URL and watch for developments!

Next, I may be offering a higher end line of spindles soon. I have entered into talks with another business who produces spindles for the retail market. We are hammering out the details and I am really excited about the possibility of new woods, different weights and types of spindles to paint. I'll keep everyone posted as we move along through this process.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last remains of autumn before winter arrives! Once the weather gets cold, I will be busy making spindles all the time so place your orders for the holidays now.

Peace & Joy,


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Mabon Night"..Up For Auction NOW!

Just finished this spindle! I love this little guy! He's up for auction on eBay for 6 days starting at only $15.99! Click on the "Auction" icon at right to get there. More spindles coming soon!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Pixie's Fiber Creations

Hi All,

I just wanted to point out a new site created by my 12 year old daughter. It's called "Pixie's Fiber Creations" and the URL is I hope to get a link up soon. For some reason, my link that I created isn't working.

Please go take a look at the fiber batts that Ciaran is creating. She has a great eye for color and her blends are really lovely! If you see something you like, she can create batts for you and give you a price quote for whatever quantity you might need or desire. Ciaran creates batts on our Fricke's Finest carder and sells them to help support her horses.

You can either e-mail me through the link here on my site or contact Ciaran directly at She should have an e-mail link on her site soon also.

A side note to those awaiting spindles. The end to last week and this weekend were not particularly kind to me. I had my car battery die on me and had to purchase a new one. Then my refrigerator went out Saturday, my car had a flat tire the same day and I was run over by our youngest horse. I am okay, other than a few bruises. The next three days are going to require I be out at the barn meeting with our vet, farrier and chiropractor. For some reason, they are all coming within the first three days of this week. As you can imagine, my time is getting sucked up by these life occurences and I have not had a lot of time for spindles right now. By Wednesday, I should be back up and working. For some reason, October has been a really rought month here...not much different that September in some ways. Here's to hoping things get better!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moonlit Subjects are Fun to Paint....

I love working on spindles that have a black background and moonlight. They always seems to come out so well. I have found that I have to be really minimalistic on some of the details though. Like the thistles in this spindle. Anymore detail or paint would have ruined the effect. I also love how things like moth wings tend to look truly realistic and transparent. I'm hoping to get caught up and get more spindles posted on auctions soon. I am still taking orders and working one day at a time to fill each order. Everyone who has ordered spindles has been just wonderful about the delay that happened. Thank you again!


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thank You for Your Patience..

Hi all. Thank you for your patience during this time while I have been ill. I am up and around and feeling much better. I am also back to work on spindles. The spindle pictured above is the first one I've done since I've been back to work and is called "Bittersweet Autumn". It's currently listed on eBay for the next 6 days. I wanted to get back into the swing of painting before working on comission pieces, so this spindle was a kind of fun way to do that.

I absolutely love autumn, so expect to see more spindles of this sort for awhile along with any special orders that have been on hold through my recovery.