Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two New Pieces of Eye Candy...

Two new, fun spindle whorls for you to take a look at today! The one on top is for Faerie Lady Fibers and the other is "Ashley's Dragon".

Only news other than that is that my youngest daughter will be turning 13 this weekend. Please, wish me luck! She's having a birthday party with roller skating and a sleep over. LOL! It should be a lot of fun, but many of you know all about teen girls! Hopefully, it will be nice enough out for them to sleep in the tent like they did last year.

Here is an updated list so you can see if you are in the top five!

Mary - Fiber Critters
Sharon - Miss George the Cat
Anne - Roxy the Cat
Sally - Raven at Midnight
Laurie - Woman with Dragon

If you are in this list, you can expect to get a picture of your spindle whorl(s) soon.

Peace & Joy To All!


1 comment:

  1. I saw the Faerielady one on Kae's blog. It is just fabulous Jen!